Looking Ahead to the 87th Iowa General Assembly

When the 87th Iowa General Assembly convenes in January, the results of the 2016 election will be evident at the Capitol. Republicans will control the Iowa House of Representatives, the Iowa Senate and the governorship for the next two years, giving the GOP full command of the state budget and legislative priorities for the first time since 1998 and eliminating the ability of Democrats to block conservative bills.

In the House, Republicans gained two seats to build on their existing majority (59-41), while in the Senate they added five seats to take back control from the Democrats (29-21). As a result, House leadership will continue under Speaker Linda Upmeyer (R-Clear Lake) and Majority Leader Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights), while the Senate will operate under the leadership of President Jack Whitver (R-Ankeny) and Majority Leader Bill Dix (R-Shell Rock).

The first day of the 2017 Iowa Legislative Session is scheduled for Jan. 9, 2017, with the 110th calendar day of the session falling on April 28.