Online Service Enables Iowans to Follow Bills, Rules through Legislative Process

Thanks to an online subscription service offered by the Legislative Services Agency (LSA), there is now an easy way for citizens to follow bills and administrative rules through Iowa’s legislative process.

The “Bills & Rules Watch” subscription service is available to anyone who visits and sets up an account. Users can then elect to follow bills and rules; subscribe to legislation, rule makings and publications by topic or category; maintain collections; and receive email notification when the status of watched bills and rules change.

For example, individuals who are interested in legislation that may affect older Iowans could use the service to track a specific bill by number; track bills sponsored by their local legislator; or track bills that pertain to specific topics (e.g., Medicare, veterans affairs, estate tax) or categories (e.g., Health, Human Services). The service can also be set up to follow legislation that pertains to certain chapters and sections of Iowa Code, such as Chapter 231: Department on Aging - Older Iowans.

Once a subscription is created, the LSA will check daily to see if any legislative or rule-making activity has taken place and will email the user action details on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on his/her preference. Users may also choose the level of detail they receive each time they are notified, whether they prefer to see just the most recent actions on a piece of legislation or would like to see the complete history.

For more information and a step-by-step guide to setting up an account, download the User Guide created by the LSA.