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Iowa Department on Aging

Regulatory Information

Agency Authority & Rules

Federal Designation

The Iowa Department on Aging is the State Unit on Aging as designated by the State of Iowa, pursuant to the federal Older Americans Act. The duties of State Units on Aging including roles, rules, and responsibilities, are further clarified in the Code of Federal Regulations (45 C.F.R. § 1321).  

State Designation

The Iowa Department on Aging is also an executive branch agency designated by the State of Iowa pursuant to Iowa Code (chapters 231 and 231E).

See the Iowa State Plan on Aging.

Iowa Administrative Code

The Iowa Department on Aging chapter in the Iowa Administrative Code can be found here (17 IAC 1-23).  

Elder Justice & Adult Protective Services

In accordance with Titles III and VII of the Older Americans Act, the Iowa Department on Aging oversees a variety of programs to protect the rights of older adults. The Department strives to ensure a comprehensive elder justice system in Iowa by helping older Iowans understand their rights, exercise choice, benefit from services, and resolve disputes.  

Currently, the Department provides state leadership in securing and maintaining the rights of older Iowans through the following programs:

Legal Assistance

The Iowa Department on Aging’s Legal Assistance Program serves individuals aged 60 and older by providing legal advice and representation; information and education; and referrals in civil legal matters throughout the state. The program’s role is to identify legal problems and legal service needs of older Iowans and adults with disabilities, with priority given to those who are most vulnerable due to social and/or economic circumstances.

To meet this goal, the Department works with the six Area Agencies on Aging to contract with legal service providers across the state and increase the quantity and quality of legal assistance available to older Iowans and adults with disabilities. Common legal problems concern housing, consumer fraud, debt collection, elder abuse/exploitation, Social Security/SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, discrimination, guardianships/conservatorships, advanced directives, and wills/estates.

The Iowa Legal Assistance Program also provides individual and group technical assistance to legal service projects conducted by the Area Agencies on Aging, legal assistance providers, and others.  It also provides community outreach to help older Iowans and adults with disabilities understand their rights, exercise choice, and benefit from services and opportunities.

Legal Hotline for Older Iowans (60+): (515) 282-8161 or (800) 992-8161